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Reia Brings Scripting to Erlang

As Erlang continues to grow in popularity, people are thinking about how to capture the advantages of Erlang’s VM and shared-nothing architecture, but present it in a more accessible way.  Reia  is the latest attempt on that front. Why?  Tony Arcieri  starts with testing, with the goal of taking… Read more »



Rails-style String Inflection for Erlang

Long ago when I was working on the ADO.NET framework (the first version), I made a doomed argument that strongly typed DataRows should have their strongly typed container objects pluralized. I was roundly but jovially made fun of, and everybody had a good laugh about how hard that would be for non Read more »



Is there a groundswell of interest in Erlang?

Over at Hypothetical Labs , the above question was asked: is there an erlang ‘groundswell’? Personally, I think Erlang interest is growing. I just started a project using Erlang/Mnesia instead of MySQL as the backend, with Ruby as the UI. Erlang will continue to grow and carve out a niche. But it… Read more »



Erlang for the Ruby Guy

Jon Gretar  has a  three   part   series  which is a simple introduction to Erlang for the Rubyist. He covers basic syntax, tuples, modules and functions and pattern matching, and the basics of recursion. Read more »



Ruby and Erlang Can Play Nice Together

InfoQ has a good  article  on Ruby and Erlang interaction.  EngineYard , the most visible and successful rails-focused host, is using Erlang in Vertebra, their cloud computing platform, which -- as we’ll cover in a separate post -- is an incredibly powerful statement for the growing place for… Read more »