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Playdar Codebase Reduced by 75% by Erlang Rewrite

Playdar , an open-source ‘music content resolver service’ that finds music on your local computers or your friends’ computers and streams that music to you, rewrote the code in Erlang. From the original C++ codebase, Richard Jones  reduced  the lines of code by 75%. In other words, it went from… Read more »



Interview with Tino Breddin: the Social Science of Tech Communities

Tino Breddin, embedded Erlang developer, takes some time to talk with us. Read more »



Interview with Kostis Sagonas: On Erlang Tools, Type Systems, and How HiPE Compares to JIT

I’m pleased that we have a fascinating interview with Kostis Sagonas – leader of the HiPE team, one of the creators of Dialyzer, and a speaker at the  SF Bay Erlang Factory . This is a bit longer than normal but absolutely worth the read. We cover Erlang’s unique type system, Java’s JIT vs Erlang… Read more »