Fault-Tolerant News: Erlang:lists/1

Welcome to the start of the erlang:lists series where we list some interesting happenings in the world of Erlang.

erlang:lists(CouchDBNaked) – Harish Mallipeddi, a performance engineer at Yahoo, has put together a great post on the internals of CouchDB, and how to even use some of the couch source to build your own B-Tree based mini-application.

erlang:lists(ErlangFactory) – Slides and videos are up from the 2009 London Erlang Factory conference. About half have videos and most have slides available. Not sure yet if they will all have videos or if there are reasons for not showing the films for some speakers.

Each week I’ll mention a few must-see articles, blog entries or videos. If you have something to bring to my attention, contact me at chad at inakanetworks dot com.

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