Erlang Sessions at Strange Loop 2013

More opportunities to learn and use Erlang are coming up this September at the Strange Loop Conference in St. Louis. Here are three sessions you can’t miss:


Erlang for Authoritative DNS, Thursday at 10:40 in the Centene Room

Anthony Eden maintains that you should never write an authoritative DNS server, but – if you must – you’ll be needing Erlang. In this session, Eden will explain what makes Erlang the language for the job, as well as what obstacles he discovered while developing the DNSimple server and how to overcome them.


Building a Multi-Master Distributed Redis in Erlang, Thursday at 1:50 in Midland States

In this session, Inaka’s Chad DePue will discuss how to build a Redis clone written in Erlang – that is to say, a Highly Available NoSQL database that speaks Redis protocol. Not to be missed by NoSQL users, the Erlang-curious, and those who want to learn more about distributed computing.


CQRS with Erlang, Friday at 9:50 in the Centene Room

Bryan Hunter of Firefly Logic will show why and how Erlang’s quirks work seamlessly with CQRS. Through a sample implementation written in Erlang, he’ll demonstrate how to take advantage of each by hitting the sweet spots of both.


The Strange Loop Conference will be held September 19 & 20. It is already sold out this year, but you can add yourself to the waiting list here.


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    Matt Donaldson

    Subido 3 years, 1 month ago.

    My name is Matthew, and I am a software engineer with focus on Node, Hadoop, and Elasticsearch. I will be in St. Louis during the week of sept 18th-21st, and I would love to attend the pre-conference or conference activites. Please contact me at if you are aware of any availability.

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