Online Elixir Lecture by Jose Valim

Wondering what's the deal with Elixir? Jose Valim will tell you all about it.

Jose Valim is the lead developer of PlataformaTec and a member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team. He is active in the Open Source community and has been developing software for over eight years. He’s also on vacation right now, but with any luck, we’ll have interview with him in the next month or so.

Until then, check out this lecture of his on the differences and similarities between Elixir and Erlang, and how Elixir exposes – and improves upon – Erlang’s shortcomings. The goals for Elixir, which he calls “modern programming for the Erlang VM,” are productivity, extensibility, and compatability. What’s more, everything you can write in Erlang you can also write in Elixir, and there’s no conversion cost.

Sounds pretty cool, if you ask me.


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