From Erlang to Java and Back Again

On the Inaka blog, Fernando “Brujo” Benavides gives us a walk-through on how to create a Java/Erlang OTP application.

Not so long ago, Brujo was required to write an Erlang application that would use some Java libraries through JInterface. Here, he details the process step-by-step so others can learn from his experience.

The post is called "From Erlang to Java and Back Again," and it’s the first part of a series. In the article, he shows how he compiled the Java and Erlang together using rebar compile, as well as how to start and stop the Java node from Erlang.

If you, too, are interested in creating a Java/Erlang OTP application, save yourself a few headaches by benefitting from Brujo’s experience. You can read part one in full here.

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