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Erlang Inside Interviews Joe Armstrong

Writing Ruby code for a living, building a company in a foreign country, learning a human foreign language (Spanish) and a computer foreign language (Erlang) on the side hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging about Erlang. But in the past month, we were able to spend a few minutes with Joe… Read more »



Interview with Tony Arcieri, Reia Creator: Part Two

For part one, click  here . EI: Where is Reia in the development cycle? When will it be beta or production ready? TA: You can consider it to be in an “early alpha” stage at this point. There are a number of open tickets for known issues on our ticket tracker. While there are a small number of… Read more »



Interview with Tony Arcieri, Reia Creator: Part One

We interrupt the recent holiday-related posting hiatus for an interview with Tony Arcieri , creator of  Reia . Tony has a lot more information on Reia in the  FAQ , where he covers reasons for some of the design decisions of the language. He can be reached at his blog , and on… Read more »



Interview with Rusty Klophaus: Nitrogen Erlang Web Framework

Nitrogen is the soon to be released Erlang framework for web development that uses an event-based programming model similar to ASP.NET.  Rusty Klophaus , the creator of the framework, agreed to answer some questions about Nitrogen and how he got started in the Erlang community.   This is the… Read more »