Watch Out, Nextflix!

Erlang dev offers $1000 bounty to improve his multicast code

In the spirit of NetFlix -- but 1000 times less lucrative -- Joel Reymont, a freelance developer who lives in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, has issued an interesting challenge. Not able to get his multicast Erlang code to send 20,000 messages in less than four seconds, he asked the erlang-questions forum for help for the last few weeks. I’ve been impressed by the forum’s support but no one could solve the issue. So, he proposed a challenge: $1000 to the first person who can get the broadcast under one second, $500 if under two seconds. In his words:

The Ultimate Erlang Challenge is on:

Be the first to improve Janus to unicast to 20K clients with a consistent maximum latency of less than 1s and grab a $1000 bounty.

Be the first to get the maximum latency consistently under 2s and claim $500.

Develop on any hardware but test on Amazon EC2 for final numbers.

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