Fault-Tolerant News: Erlang:lists/2

Welcome to the second of the erlang:lists series where we list some interesting happenings in the world of Erlang.

erlang:lists(NewErlangIRC) – Kevin Smith just launched a new IRC channel: #erlang-otp. Have an Erlang question you need answered quick? Wishing you had a friendly place to hang out online with other Erlangers? Tired of either the silence or trolling on #erlang? If you answered yes to any of these consider hanging out in #erlang-otp, the friendly Erlang IRC channel. Erlang newbies are especially welcome!

erlang:lists(BuildYourNextWebAppWithErlang) – Steve Vinoski has a new article on “Build Your Next Web App With Erlang”, the latest downloadable pdf in his Functional Web series.

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