The How and Why of Fitting Things Together

Another great online lecture by Joe Armstrong

In another interesting lecture by Joe Armstrong -- called "The How and Why of Fitting Things Together" -- he picks apart why software doesn't always fit together and what we can do about it with Erlang.

Armstrong delves into how performance, correctness, blame, and guilt relate to programming and cites Postel's Law and Joe's Law. The lecture itself is pretty entertaining: he uses a pipe and plumbing metaphor to get into program connectivity, puts on his best Gandalf impression for a half-second, and even whips out a bit of Swedish.

"When you're programming Erlang," he says, "you assume the whole world is in Erlang, but you need those middle men -- an abstraction so obvious we don't even realize we're doing it."

He goes on, "The middleman is the Higgs-Boson of Erlang, because it imposes order as the creator of mass." Oh, and did I mention there's a delightfully terrible Higgs-Boson joke in there too?

It's well worth the view. Check it out here.

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