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2009 Erlang Factory: Biggest Gathering of Erlang Expertise Outside of Sweden

Next monday the  Erlang Factory  conference starts in San Francisco. If you’re in the Bay Area and can make a last minute change of plans, it looks to be a milestone conference for the Erlang community. The  University  is the 27th – 29th, with the  Conference  from the 30th-1st. Speakers include… Read more »



37 Signals Creators Embrace Erlang (Where It Makes Sense)

You may be familiar with 37 Signals, the guys who brought us Ruby on Rails, Campfire, and Basecamp, among other products. Mark makes a wonderful case for using the right tool for the job in this “Nuts & Bolts” post on how the Campfire internals work better with Erlang. Campfire is a web-based… Read more »



Sneak Preview of O’Reilly’s New Book

Erlang Programming by Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson Read more »



Comparing Erlang, Go, Java, and C

Tim over at  has an interesting ‘hello world’  web server test between Erlang, Go, Java, and C. The C code is an nginx plugin, Java uses the MINA framework; Erlang and Go are small standalone apps. Java ‘won’, with Erlang in second place. Interesting article and the first I’ve seen… Read more »



Mustache: GitHub’s Framework Agnostic Templating Ported to Erlang

Mustache  is an  Erlang port of the Ruby framework of the  same name , originally written by  Chris Wanstrath , one of the founders of  GitHub . A powerful feature of this type of framework is the ability to write a ‘template’ that you could use in a Rails application and then reuse in an Erlang… Read more »