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Go Borrows Key Concepts from Erlang

The Go language -- which has been getting a lot of attention when it was recently  open sourced  by Google -- seems to be a sort of programmers’ Rorschach test in that everyone calls it a replacement for C++/Python/Erlang/Your Language Here. My sense is it wouldn’t be getting that much attention… Read more »



RabbitMQ acquired by SpringSource/VMWare

Erlang-based RabbitMQ was  acquired  today by SpringSource, which is owned by VMWare. Congrats to Alexis and the team. As SpringSource provides commercial support for ActiveMQ it’s obviously a perfect fit, and it gives commercial players who want to try out Erlang no excuses with regard to support. Read more »



Simple Chart of Embeddable Scripting Options In Erlang

In preparation for my upcoming talk this week at Erlang Factory San Francisco, focused on Lua integration in Erlang, I’m reviewing Lua, Javascript, and Reia, and I came up with this very simple decision tree . Please send any thoughts, or additional languages I should cover. I left out languages… Read more »



New Erlang Job Board

Looking for a job using Erlang? Look no further! Read more »



Interview with Marc Worrell: Zotonic Rethinks the CMS with Erlang

I took a minute from getting ready for my talk at  Erlang Factory  (and working on the day job) to talk with  Marc Worrell , Lead Architect of  Zotonic  – a new Content Management System written entirely in Erlang. This is a brief overview of the system focused on the ‘why’ – the technical details… Read more »