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Mustache: GitHub’s Framework Agnostic Templating Ported to Erlang

Mustache  is an  Erlang port of the Ruby framework of the  same name , originally written by  Chris Wanstrath , one of the founders of  GitHub . A powerful feature of this type of framework is the ability to write a ‘template’ that you could use in a Rails application and then reuse in an Erlang… Read more »



The State of Erlang Web Middleware: EWGI and SimpleBridge

In the interest of publishing more often and covering smaller topics, let's review web-server-agnostic middleware for Erlang. The current standard for Erlang web application middleware is  EWGI , inspired by Python’s  PEP 333  and providing similar functionality as Ruby’s  Rack . All major Erlang… Read more »



Go Borrows Key Concepts from Erlang

The Go language -- which has been getting a lot of attention when it was recently  open sourced  by Google -- seems to be a sort of programmers’ Rorschach test in that everyone calls it a replacement for C++/Python/Erlang/Your Language Here. My sense is it wouldn’t be getting that much attention… Read more »



Comparing Erlang, Go, Java, and C

Tim over at  has an interesting ‘hello world’  web server test between Erlang, Go, Java, and C. The C code is an nginx plugin, Java uses the MINA framework; Erlang and Go are small standalone apps. Java ‘won’, with Erlang in second place. Interesting article and the first I’ve seen… Read more »



New Erlang Documentation Site

As Erlang usage grows the documentation surrounding the platform is being subjected to much more scrutiny. The existing Erlang documentation site is difficult to navigate and I often find myself hunting for a particular module by guessing the module name in the address bar of my browser. However Read more »