Rails-style String Inflection for Erlang

Long ago when I was working on the ADO.NET framework (the first version), I made a doomed argument that strongly typed DataRows should have their strongly typed container objects pluralized.

I was roundly but jovially made fun of, and everybody had a good laugh about how hard that would be for non-English languages, and all those edge cases like geese, sheep, mice, moose, etc. I proposed that we would have two versions of Visual Studio: regular and “Zoo Edition”.

This is one thing I like about Rails – they just did it, and allowed for people to special case the pluralizations that they get wrong.

But how does that relate to Erlang? Luke Galea at ideaforge recently released a library for Rails-style ‘inflection’ in Erlang which replicates the ActiveSupport functionality. Check out the support for pluralization, singularization, tableization, and more.

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