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Gen_event: Unlinking Processes When Unsubscribing from a Publisher?

As Erlang Inside has been quiet lately we’ll publish a technical question. Should gen_event unlink processes when they unsubscribe from a publisher? Fernando Benavides , our Erlang development lead at Inaka Networks , found this issue with gen_event. Is this behavior by design? The output of… Read more »



Russia’s Numerous Contributions to the Erlang Community

A guest post from Dmitrii Dimandt, creator of Read more »



Mariano Guerra on Efene, an Algol-like Syntax Language that Compiles to Erlang Bytecode

InfoQ has an interview with Mariano Guerra, an Argentine from Cordoba. He recently finished university and has been working on  Efene, a new language that targets the Erlang VM . Interview is here. We’ll do an interview soon with Mariano and focus on some of the language constructs. Read more »



Interview with Francesco Cesarini: Conference and Old-School vs New-School Erlangers

The  Erlang Factory’s  2010  conference  is  March 25 - 26 in  San Francisco , with the university three days before, starting March 22 The conference is at the Hilton San Francisco Airport with three tracks, each on a different theme. The number of tracks gives attendees an unusually broad set… Read more »


jui Updates: R14A Support, Mochiweb, Available for Your Own Projects

Dale Harvey just recently updated  with R14A support. If you are doing any Erlang development, or even looking to just learn a bit about Erlang, I highly recommend using erldocs over the official documentation. The ease of use just makes looking up a module, function, or argument so… Read more »