Erlang Factory SF: Talks Announced

Event speakers have been announced, including one of our very own, Fernando "Brujo" Benavides!

Fernando "Brujo" Benavides, Inaka's Director of Engineering and an Erlang die-hard, has been accepted to speak at Erlang Factory San Francisco 2014. He will be discussing how to use Erlang and Java together, detailed as follows:

This talk is about how to interconnect Erlang and Java through JInterface and send messages back and forth. To show this interconnection, I'll show lucene_server, a java-backed Erlang application that lets users index documents and run queries against a lucene database.

Talk Objectives

This talk will introduce lucene_server, an erlang application that provides seamless access to a lucene database. It will also showcase many important lessons to keep in mind when connecting Erlang and Java nodes using JInterface.

Target Audience

Java developers who want to jump into the Erlang world, Erlang developers who need to index and query documents in a lucene-way or that just want to learn some tricks about how to connect Erlang VM with Java VM in a transparent way.

To read more and take a look at the other speakers, visit the Erlang Factory SF site. And remember, early bird tickets are on sale until February 11!

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