Archiwum z Grudzień, 2008



5 Reasons to Use Erlang in a Cloud, or On a Sunny Day

John Bender has a  good post  on reasons to use Erlang in building a cloud computing application. Though the points aren’t specific to cloud computing, it’s a good and concise summary of some of Erlang’s benefits. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Tony Arcieri, Reia Creator: Part Two

For part one, click  here . EI: Where is Reia in the development cycle? When will it be beta or production ready? TA: You can consider it to be in an “early alpha” stage at this point. There are a number of open tickets for known issues on our ticket tracker. While there are a small number of… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



BeeBole: Erlang Web Application with Video Tutorial

BeeBole creates a sample Mochiweb Erlang web application with video tutorial. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Tony Arcieri, Reia Creator: Part One

We interrupt the recent holiday-related posting hiatus for an interview with Tony Arcieri , creator of  Reia . Tony has a lot more information on Reia in the  FAQ , where he covers reasons for some of the design decisions of the language. He can be reached at his blog , and on… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »