Simple Chart of Embeddable Scripting Options In Erlang

In preparation for my upcoming talk this week at Erlang Factory San Francisco, focused on Lua integration in Erlang, I’m reviewing Lua, Javascript, and Reia, and I came up with this very simple decision tree.

Please send any thoughts, or additional languages I should cover. I left out languages that aren’t truly ‘embeddable’, though technically you can access anything via a Port, or BERT-RPC, Protocol Buffers, HTTP, sockets, etc. I wanted to capture the projects that are genuine alternatives to Lua, which is the focus of my talk.

For Lua, there are two projects – erl-lua and erlua. The first, erl-lua is a linked-in driver, originally by Ray Morgan, updated by Darrik Mazey, available on GitHub. erlua is available on gitorious, and is an Erlang Port. erlang_js is written by Kevin Smith of Basho. Reia is well known to Erlang Inside readers.

Looking forward to the conference this week!