RabbitMQ acquired by SpringSource/VMWare

Erlang-based RabbitMQ was acquired today by SpringSource, which is owned by VMWare. Congrats to Alexis and the team. As SpringSource provides commercial support for ActiveMQ it’s obviously a perfect fit, and it gives commercial players who want to try out Erlang no excuses with regard to support. RabbitMQ was already faster (from my experience), so there were no other excuses left.

There are a number of ways VMWare could use Rabbit on the server side, so it’s a good fit there as well.

Additionally, Redis is at VMWare, and it’s interesting that two of the ‘hottest’ queueing/caching infrastructure technologies are now in the same “home”, or at least neighbors. Redis has been adding a number of pub/sub features in the latest release and has the freedom to not be bound to silly working-group hydras like the AMQP spec. Perhaps RabbitMQ will be able to broaden the offering because they’re inside a bigger entity and not as defined as simply an AMQP provider.