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Ruby and Erlang Can Play Nice Together

InfoQ has a good  article  on Ruby and Erlang interaction.  EngineYard , the most visible and successful rails-focused host, is using Erlang in Vertebra, their cloud computing platform, which -- as we’ll cover in a separate post -- is an incredibly powerful statement for the growing place for… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Erlang for the Ruby Guy

Jon Gretar  has a  three   part   series  which is a simple introduction to Erlang for the Rubyist. He covers basic syntax, tuples, modules and functions and pattern matching, and the basics of recursion. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Mustache: GitHub’s Framework Agnostic Templating Ported to Erlang

Mustache  is an  Erlang port of the Ruby framework of the  same name , originally written by  Chris Wanstrath , one of the founders of  GitHub . A powerful feature of this type of framework is the ability to write a ‘template’ that you could use in a Rails application and then reuse in an Erlang… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Tino Breddin: the Social Science of Tech Communities

Tino Breddin, embedded Erlang developer, takes some time to talk with us. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »