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Interview with Jose Valim on Elixir

Jose Valim, lead developer of PlataformaTec and member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team, takes the time to talk with us about his experiences developing Elixir. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Marc Worrell: Zotonic Rethinks the CMS with Erlang

I took a minute from getting ready for my talk at  Erlang Factory  (and working on the day job) to talk with  Marc Worrell , Lead Architect of  Zotonic  – a new Content Management System written entirely in Erlang. This is a brief overview of the system focused on the ‘why’ – the technical details… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Tino Breddin: the Social Science of Tech Communities

Tino Breddin, embedded Erlang developer, takes some time to talk with us. Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Kostis Sagonas: On Erlang Tools, Type Systems, and How HiPE Compares to JIT

I’m pleased that we have a fascinating interview with Kostis Sagonas – leader of the HiPE team, one of the creators of Dialyzer, and a speaker at the  SF Bay Erlang Factory . This is a bit longer than normal but absolutely worth the read. We cover Erlang’s unique type system, Java’s JIT vs Erlang… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »



Interview with Francesco Cesarini: Conference and Old-School vs New-School Erlangers

The  Erlang Factory’s  2010  conference  is  March 25 - 26 in  San Francisco , with the university three days before, starting March 22 The conference is at the Hilton San Francisco Airport with three tracks, each on a different theme. The number of tracks gives attendees an unusually broad set… Czytaj dalszą część wpisu »