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Interview with Kostis Sagonas: On Erlang Tools, Type Systems, and How HiPE Compares to JIT

I’m pleased that we have a fascinating interview with Kostis Sagonas – leader of the HiPE team, one of the creators of Dialyzer, and a speaker at the  SF Bay Erlang Factory . This is a bit longer than normal but absolutely worth the read. We cover Erlang’s unique type system, Java’s JIT vs Erlang… Read more »



Erlang Factory San Francisco Bay

Last day for the early bird special of $200 off is February 28! Read more »



How To Optimize Egitd, Erlang's Git Daemon

I remember a GitHuber who I met in Montevideo at the Ruby conference last year (but whose name currently escapes me). He said that their egitd daemon was just too slow for their needs, so he eventually switched away from it. Well, here’s a gripping series on optimizing egitd by using OTP best… Read more »